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Make your mark on the Park

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This is your unique opportunity to make your mark on the Alton Towers Resort. Each brick will be engraved with your unique message and will be installed at the entrance to our Theme Park in our Admissions Plaza. There are two different colours of engraving available, gold and purple. Don't miss this chance to make your mark on the park!

No Merlin Annual Pass discount is available on this product. Any orders placed with discount will be cancelled and refunded.

Once you have placed your order our team will contact you with your certificate and also requesting what information you would like to be engraved on your brick. (2 lines, up to 16 characters per line, including spaces and punctuation. Special characters/symbols are not permitted) Once this information has been received we will process and install your brick. It can take up to 6 weeks from the date of your order for your brick to make its way into the ground .

For Merlin Annual Pass discount please enter the first 7 digits of your annual pass number in the discount box during the checkout process. Please be aware, we will use your billing address for verification purposes.

Terms and Conditions

- For each brick purchased a certificate will be sent to the person named in the certificate box. Please check for any errors as we will use the exact copy received. 
- Inscriptions may include names, hometown, a special date or any other special occasion. We do not engrave lifespans, profanity or anything deemed inappropriate.
- All bricks remain the sole property of the Alton Towers Resort
- Alton Towers Resort reserves the right to approve all lettering and to refuse any application
- It is envisaged that the bricks will be displayed at the Admissions plaza site (or elsewhere if specifically stated by us) for a minimum of 2 years but it is anticipated to be longer. In exceptional circumstances, the Alton Towers Resort reserves the right to move or relocate the bricks without liability
- Although of excellent quality and designed to last, bricks may become worn or damaged over time owing to natural causes. No liability can be accepted for this by us
- The Alton Towers Resort has complete control over the location and installation date of the bricks
- Once you submit your order form, there will be no opportunity to make any amendments to the inscription.